Participate in the 9th Annual LGBT Community Survey

Complete by 31 May 2015

Community Marketing and Insights

The 9th Annual LGBT Community Survey is ready to complete now. This is the annual “LGBT census” and has attracted 45,000 LGBT respondents from 150 countries.

The survey is CMI and is about your social or political concerns, purchase preferences, motivations, interests and much much more.

Participating in this comprehensive study helps open doors around the world, influences positive changes for our community and helps support community media and organizations.

Click here to start the survey, or paste the following into your browser:

It should take less than 12 minutes to complete.

Everyone who completes the survey by 31 May 2015 may enter into a drawing to win one of ten US $100 cash prizes, or if you win, you may designate a charity to receive the $100.

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