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If you have some news of interest to our readers then let us know. Press releases are welcome. Simply drop us an email –

Contributors, Reporters Wanted

We are looking to expand QRD NZ and have plans for future new services. As part of this we are looking for people to join us as we develop these new services.

Please contact us if you are interested in the following areas:

  • Reporter – Written, Video and/or Sound
  • Editing skills – Written, Video and/or Sound
  • Commentary contribution
  • In depth research
  • Cartoons
  • Reviews – books, tv, etc
  • Travel reviews
  • Html editing
  • Advertising and sales
  • Any other skills

We are looking for people from anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

Please drop us an email- – with your areas of interest and we will get back to you with further details.


Let’s Accentuate the Positive

“According to Stuff, the government and some members of the Labour Party aren’t keen on supporting a proposed policy for publicly funded access to hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery – because they don’t think it is an important enough issue for New Zealanders. I disagree with this response for one reason only: society […]